Variant Simulation Tools

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Title Variant Simulation Tools
Short Description A simulation tool for post-GWAS genetic epidemiological studies using whole-genome or whole-exome next-gen sequencing data, with an emphasis on user-friendliness and reproducibility.
Long Description Variant Simulation Tools is a module of Variant Tools for the simulation of genetic variants for sequencing-based genetic epidemiological studies. Although multiple simulation engines are provided, the core of VST is a novel forward-time simulation engine that simulates real nucleotide sequences of the human genome using DNA mutation models, fine-scale recombination maps, and a selection model based on amino acid changes of translated protein sequences. The design of VST allows users to easily create and distribute simulation methods and simulated datasets for a variety of applications and encourages fair comparison between statistical methods through the use of existing or reproduced simulated datasets.
Version 2.6.1
Project Started 2014
Last Release 5 years, 7 months ago
Citations Peng B, Reproducible simulations of realistic samples for next-generation sequencing studies using variant simulation tools., Genet Epidemiol, Jan. 1, 2015 [Abstract, cited in PMC ]
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