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Short Description Quantitative phenotype simulation in extended pedigrees
Long Description SIBSIM is a modern and powerful computer program to simulate genotype and quantitative trait data in extended pedigrees. In the current release (2.1.2), we put emphasis on the simulation of a quantitative trait in pedigrees of arbitrary size without monozygotic twins. Well known software as, e.g., the SIMULATE package are not as scalable as SIBSIM. As an advantage over both G.A.S.P. and SIMLA no predefined boundaries restrict SIBSIM in its potential, neither in genome nor in family size. Instead, SIBSIM is as highly scalable as possible to meet any needs. SIBSIM may not only be used in simulation studies, but also in the validation, verification and testing process of other applications which deal with the implementation of statistical analysis of genomic data. We successfully used SIBSIM in the latter respect and detected a bug in a widely used genetic epidemiological software package.
Version 2.1.2
Project Started 2004
Last Release 13 years, 8 months ago
Citations Franke D, Kleensang A, Ziegler A, SIBSIM - quantitative phenotype simulation in extended pedigrees , GMS Med Inform Biom Epidemiol , Feb. 21, 2006 [Abstract ]
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