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Title scrm
Short Description A coalescent simulator optimized for long sequences and large samples.
Long Description The Sequential Coalescent with Recombination Model (SCRM) is a new method that efficiently and accurately approximates the coalescent with recombination. It closes the gap between current approximations and the exact model and can be used to simulate genomic-scale data sets with an essentially correct linkage structure. The efficient C++ implementation scrm is available for all major platforms and as an R package on CRAN.
Version 1.7.4
Project Started 2014
Last Release 6 months, 2 weeks ago
Citations Staab PR, Zhu S, Metzler D, Lunter G, scrm: efficiently simulating long sequences using the approximated coalescent with recombination., Bioinformatics, May 15, 2015 [Abstract, cited in PMC ]
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Last evaluatedMay 9, 2017 (1215 days ago)
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