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Title Rmetasim
Short Description Rmetasim is a front-end for the metasim engine that is implemented as a package that runs in the statistical computing environment R
Long Description Rmetasim provides a flexible environment in which to perform individual-based population genetic simulations. A wide range of landscape-level dynamics, population structures, and within-population demographies can be represented using the framework implemented in this software. In addition, temporal variation in all demographic characteristics can be simulated, both deterministically and stochastically. Such simulations can be used to produce null distributions of genotypes under realistic conditions. These genotypic data can then be used by a variety of analytical programs to develop null expectations of any population genetic statistic estimated from genotypic data.
Version 1.1.005
Project Started 2002
Last Release 12 years, 1 month ago
Citations Strand AE, metasim 1.0: an individual-based environment for simulating population genetics of complex population dynamics, Molecular Ecology Notes , June 1, 2002 [Abstract ]
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