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Short Description Software for simulating eco-evolutionary population dynamics
Long Description PEDAGOG is a Windows program that simulates population dynamics at the individual level, allows for heritability and selection of traits, records individual genotype and pedigree information, and allows for several types of errors to manifest in the output which can be formatted for 57 existing software programs. In all, parameters can be specified for genetics, demographics, mating strategy, mutations and genetic/demographic errors, growth models, heritability and selection, and output. Demographic parameters can be either age or size based, and all parameters can be drawn from twelve statistical distributions where appropriate.
Version 1.23
Project Started 2009
Last Release 10 years, 11 months ago
Citations Coombs JA, Letcher BH, Nislow KH, pedagog: software for simulating eco-evolutionary population dynamics., Mol Ecol Resour, May 1, 2010 [Abstract, cited in PMC ]
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