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Title Nemo
Short Description A forward-time, individual-based, genetically explicit, and stochastic simulation program designed to study the evolution of genetic markers, life history traits, and phenotypic traits in a flexible (meta-)population framework.
Long Description Nemo implements many different life cycles and evolvable traits with a large variety of genetic architectures. Species interaction between a parasite and its host can also be modeled (i.e., Cytoplasmic-Incompatibility inducing endosymbiont: Wolbachia). All this is framed within a flexible metapopulation model that allows for patch-specific carrying capacities, dispersal rates (dispersal matrices), stochastic extinction/harvesting rates, and demographic stochasticity. Populations can be dynamically modified during a simulation, allowing for population bottlenecks, patch fusion/fission, population expansion, etc. Spatially heterogeneous selection on quantitative traits can also be modeled. Nemo's interface is a simple text file containing the simulation parameters. Large batches of simulations can be run from a single parameter file with multiple parameter values. Many complex evolutionary and demographic scenarios can be modeled easily by providing temporally varying parameter values.
Version 2.3.51
Project Started 2006
Last Release 10 months, 4 weeks ago
Citations Guillaume F, Rougemont J, Nemo: an evolutionary and population genetics programming framework., Bioinformatics, Oct. 15, 2006 [Abstract, cited in PMC ]
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