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Title Mason
Short Description A package for the simulation of nucleotide data.
Long Description Mason is a package for the simulation of nucleotide data. Starting with a genome, you can simulate variants and optionally also methylation levels. From this, reads of different technologies can be simulated, optionally simulating bisulphite treatment. The variants can also be specified as a VCF file. The result are FASTQ files with the reads and optionally a SAM file with the alignment to the reference sequence. Substeps of the process are available as standalone tools, e.g. for the simulation of reads from preselected/-simulated fragments, computing of genomic sequences with variants. The time intensive part of read simulation has been parallelized.
Project Started 2010
Last Release 7 years, 3 months ago
Citations Holtgrewe, M., Mason – A Read Simulator for Second Generation Sequencing Data, Technical Report FU Berlin, June 1, 2010 [Abstract ]
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