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Title MaCS
Short Description Markovian Coalescent Simulator
Long Description MaCS is a simulator of the coalescent process that simulates geneologies spatially across chromosomes as a Markovian process. The algorithm is similar to the SMC algorithm (McVean and Cardin, Phil Trans Soc R B 2005) in that the algorithm scales linearly in time with respect to sample size and sequence length. However, it more accurately models the true coalescent, while supporting all demographic scenarios found in the popular program MS (Hudson, Bioinformatics 2002) making this program appropriate for simulating data for structured populations in genome wide association studies.
Version 0.4f
Project Started 2011
Last Release 8 years, 1 month ago
Citations Chen GK, Marjoram P, Wall JD, Fast and flexible simulation of DNA sequence data., Genome Res, Jan. 1, 2009 [Abstract, cited in PMC ]
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