Basic Package Attributes
Short Description An association simulator for candidate regions or genome scans
Long Description HAP-SAMPLE is a web application for simulating SNP genotypes for case-control and affected-child trio studies by resampling from Phase I/II HapMap SNP data. The user provides a list of SNPs to be "genotyped," along with a disease model file that describes causal SNPs and their effect sizes. The simulation tool is appropriate for candidate regions or whole-genome scans. The stand-alone software is also available.
Version 0.12
Project Started 2007
Last Release 11 years ago
Citations Wright FA, Huang H, Guan X, Gamiel K, Jeffries C, Barry WT, de Villena FP, Sullivan PF, Wilhelmsen KC, Zou F, Simulating association studies: a data-based resampling method for candidate regions or whole genome scans., Bioinformatics, Oct. 1, 2007 [Abstract, cited in PMC ]
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