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Short Description The Flux Simulator aims at providing a deterministic in silico reproduction of the experimental pipelines for RNA-Seq, employing a minimal set of parameters.
Long Description The FluxSimulator is the part of the FLUX project that aims at providing an in silico reproduction of the experimental pipelines for RNA-Seq, adopting a minimal set of parameters. Corresponding models were established after analyzing RNA-Seq experiments from different cell types, sample preparation protocols and sequencing platforms. The first step of the FLUX project is-in fact-a transcriptome simulator. Subsequently, common sources of systematic bias in the abundance and distribution of produced reads are mimicked-whether they incur during library construction, or, in the sequencing process. The FluxSimulator provides a flexible base to design benchmark experiments based on the new sequencing technologies, as for instance abundance predictions of the FluxCapacitor.
Version 1.1
Project Started 2010
Last Release 8 years ago
Citations Griebel T, Zacher B, Ribeca P, Raineri E, Lacroix V, Guigó R, Sammeth M, Modelling and simulating generic RNA-Seq experiments with the flux simulator., Nucleic Acids Res, Nov. 1, 2012 [Abstract, cited in PMC ]
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