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Title BottleSim
Short Description a simulation program for changes in genetic diversity during the process of population bottlenecks
Long Description Population bottlenecks reduce genetic diversity and thus cause great concern in conservation biology. Previous theoretical studies often assume discrete generations in projecting declines in genetic diversity caused by bottlenecks. This assumption creates complexities when applying the models to long-lived species with overlapping generations. BottleSim is a program for simulating bottlenecks to estimate the impact on genetic diversity; the novelties include an overlapping-generation model, a wide range of reproductive systems, and flexible population size settings. With these features, BottleSim will be a useful tool for estimating the genetic consequences of bottlenecks, evaluating conservation plans, and performing power analysis.
Keywords population genetics, bottleneck, microsatellite, genetic diversity
Version 2.6
Project Started 2003
Last Release 17 years, 3 months ago
Citations Kuo CH, Janzen FJ, bottlesim: a bottleneck simulation program for long-lived species with overlapping generations, Molecular Ecology Notes, Oct. 9, 2003 [Abstract ]
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