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Title BaySICS
Short Description An integral platform with a graphical interface for statistical inference based on approximate Bayesian computation.
Long Description BaySICS is made of five programs accessible from the same graphical interface. The first program performs coalescent simulations and create reference tables containing summary statistics from simulated DNA alignments. The second and third programs perform post-simulation analysis employing the reference tables and obtain parameters estimations or model choice (hypothesis contrasts) respectively. The fourth and fifth programs perform validation procedures for assessing the statistical power as well as the robustness of the inference by means of pseudo-observed datasets. BaySICS was designed for be user-friendly and for optimizing studies of ancient DNA.
Version 1.9
Project Started 2015
Last Release 5 years, 7 months ago
Citations Edson Sandoval-Castellanos, Eleftheria Palkopoulou, Love Dalén, Back to BaySICS: A User-Friendly Program for Bayesian Statistical Inference from Coalescent Simulations, PLoS ONE, April 27, 2014
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