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Genetic simulation software provides an important adjunct to research in genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics. This website provides a catalogue of existing software packages that simulate genetic data of the human genome. Generally, it is a registry of computer programs that generate synthetic samples by simulating evolutionary processes backward (coalescent) or forward in time, resampling empirical data, or using other novel methods. This registry is meant for researchers in the fields of genetic epidemiology, statistical genetics, population and molecular genetics and related fields who wish to simulate samples with genotype information. In addition, it will help simulation model developers identify gaps and write useful simulation programs for different applications.

The packages collected for this catalogue were identified by reviewing publications in relevant subject areas. The registry data are maintained collectively by National Cancer Institute (NCI), authors of these software, and users of this website.

Genetic Simulation Resources is provided by the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences at the NCI. Please note that inclusion on this website is not an endorsement by NCI. Further, the list of simulation programs is not exhaustive. Please contact us at if you have software that you would like added or wish to suggest modifications to information provided on this web resource.